Mi-Pay relaunch propels the revenue specialist to new heights


Mi-Pay relaunch propels the revenue specialist to new heights

Mi-Pay relaunches following a joining of forces between UK-based Mi-Pay Ltd and Alphacomm Solutions in the Netherlands. The companies, now operating under a single Mi-Pay banner, benefit from decades of experience and shared expertise. 

September 2020 saw the official relaunch of Mi-Pay. Though the name Mi-Pay will ring familiar to many, the newly rejuvenated Mi-Pay brand is the result of the collaboration between the two companies previously known as Alphacomm Solutions and Mi-Pay Ltd. 


Mi-Pay services

Mi-Pay offers a wide range of revenue-boosting consultancy services and enterprise-level SaaS tools. These include a high-end top-up platform, a wide range of payment reminders, a trusted secure payment gateway and anti-fraud API. Among Mi-Pay’s clients are well-known names like T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Congstar, KPN and Three. 

Chris Baars, Chief Commercial Officer at Mi-Pay underscores the importance of the launch: “It’s incredible how far we’ve come in the past year. The new Mi-Pay is stronger, smarter, broader and better in every sense. We’ve now entered a new chapter in our journey as we aim to become the leading provider of revenue-boosting services to companies worldwide.” 


The acquisition and rebirth of Mi-Pay

In 2020, London-based Mi-Pay was acquired by Alphacomm BV, a leader in providing enterprise-level solutions that boost revenues for companies worldwide. Alphacomm BV operates from its headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

Mi-Pay, alongside its Dutch counterpart Alphacomm Solutions, operated as resellers of products and services by Alphacomm. In order to streamline operations and better serve customers, it was decided to unite the resellers, under a single brand name; Mi-Pay. 



Mi-Pay offers best-in-class payment solutions and consultancy services trusted by market leaders. Mi-Pay focuses on providing simple solutions to complex challenges by following a personal and supportive approach that creates better experiences, better processes and better results. As one of the leading payment services providers in the world, Mi-Pay has a track record that spans decades and multiple geographies. Mi-Pay operates from its offices in London, United Kingdom and Rotterdam, The Netherlands.