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— Next level top-up experience —

Our Reloads solution guarantees the ultimate top-up experience for your prepaid users. We tailor the best top-up strategy for your business and equip you with the latest tools to help you reduce churn and increase ARPU.

Easily offer various top-up possibilities via website, app and chatbot. Or find out how to boost your current top-up systems. We make it easy to engage with your customers. Our Reloads user interface is clean and fully integrates with your brand identity. All payment methods are supported. With a few taps, customers can top-up their accounts. The experience is easy and enjoyable.

Benefits of Mi-Pay's Reloads

  • Increased ARPU
  • Reduced Churn
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Easy integration

Reloads are available for





Chatbot top-up

Keep up with the communication preferences of the young generation. Have chatbot top-up on multiple channels like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, or Messenger to provide faster and easier top-ups, anywhere and anytime, by sending just a few messages to a chatbot.


Enable your customers to always have access to credit. This results in increased ARPU and lower churn. You can get better insight into your customers and customize your offerings accordingly. Or just use your website as a storefront to promote your products without having to invest thousands for advertising in a store.


Open up a whole new communication channel with your customers, with an app and in-app push notifications. In-app top-ups are easy and fast.

You already have an app but it doesn’t support top-up?
Easily integrate our app API and support reloads on your existing app.

Automatic top-up

Minimize churn with automatic top-up. Customers with credit are less likely to churn. Automatic top-up ensures that your customers always have credit on their phones. Automatic top-up can be set on a monthly basis, bundle basis, or whenever the balance goes below a certain amount.

Read more about how to win loyalty from prepaid customers with automatic top-up.

Gain more insight into the benefits of reloads

How to win loyalty from prepaid customers with automatic top-up


  • What the positive effects are of automatic top-up.
  • How automatic top-up benefits not only you, but your customers as well.
  • What types of automatic top-up there are.
  • How to design an effective automatic top-up plan.