How to turn dunning into a positive customer experience

Pesky emails and messages regarding outstanding payments. Unexpected phone calls...
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How the eSIM is reshaping the mobile industry

What does the introduction of the eSIM mean for mobile operators? And how can te...
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Anti fraud tools

How to combat payment fraud without losing revenue

The more you sell online, the more opportunities there are for fraudsters. Lucki...
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Alexa device

“Alexa, top up my phone, please!”

Voice-activated devices are fast becoming a common channel for customers to inte...
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Alphacomm Solutions is open for business

We are still open for business | A message from our CEO

Dear all, I hope this message finds you well. In these uncertain times, we...
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Preventing and resolving European consumer debt

Debt is prevalent in all European countries. Though the causes may differ, the t...
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Automatic top-up: future-proof or passing fad?

An interview with Alper Altan. We recently sat down and talked shop with Alper ...
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Are consumers ready for PSD2 (and SCA)?

In my previous articles, I mainly discussed what PSD2 and SCA will mean for busi...
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The truth about Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Strong Customer Authentication is coming and it arrives - bearing headaches - on...
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EBA Report: Pay attention to cybersecurity and customer education

The European Banking Authority recently released a report in July. In the ‘EBA r...
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Cold hard cash: a look at the cashless trend in the United States

The cashless trend is global. But as we wrote in a previous article: the impendi...
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Auto top-up for prepaid; the benefits of postpaid without the hassle

Each and every mobile credit provider struggles with customer churn. So how do w...
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Why the Libra just might succeed

Facebook recently announced the launch of a brand new cryptocurrency. The new cu...
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Is your e-commerce or B2B website holding you back?

If you run an e-commerce or B2B site, you’re probably aware that there’s a posit...
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Cash is dead, long live digital cash!?

In my previous blog, Cash is king, but for how long?, I discussed the global cas...
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The future of prepaid top-up. What’s your prediction?

From scratch cards to websites. From chatbots to voice assistants. The world of ...
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Are you omni or out? Why omnichannel businesses thrive

Omni-channel is no longer a buzzword. It’s been proven that businesses that prov...
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Churn baby churn. A prepaid inferno?

For many mobile credit providers, the high churn in the prepaid industry is a ca...
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How automated payment reminders reduce DSO

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know what it’s like to se...
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Cash is king, but for how long?

The latest Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts report by RBR, released in Fe...
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An explanation of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

What does PSD2 mean? PSD2 is the acronym for Payments Services Directive 2. It'...
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Mastercard, Apple, push back on free trials and dodgy subscriptions

The internet is littered with free trial offers. One thing these trials tend to ...
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A convenience truth; how automation makes mobile top-up a more profitable experience

Pre-paid phones are very convenient. They bestow upon the customer a sense of co...
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The rise of mobile commerce; the case for mobile dunning solutions

“Speak to me in a language I can hear. Humour me before I am to go.” The opening...
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Here’s to 2019! A message from Mi-Pay

2018 has been a great year for FinTech. Never before has the industry been so ri...
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Canadians trade traditional payment channels for speed and convenience

Payment Canada’s 2018 Methods and Trends Report came out this week. The report, ...
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Video reminders are changing the world of credit management

Just as options for payment are changing rapidly, so are options for debt collec...
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Don’t miss that goal (or any potential reload revenue)

Imagine, you’ve made it to the World Cup and have an ideal seat to take a shot o...
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Catch me if you can: tech savvy fraudsters in high-risk industries and how to combat them

Most of us remember the hit movie Catch Me If You Can, starring Tom Hanks and Le...
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Payment reminder solutions: embracing future trends and ongoing challenges

Collecting outstanding invoices is a necessity in business as old as doing busin...
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Top up channels and local & global payment methods

These days, there are almost as many top-up channels and payment methods as ther...
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Boosting installed prepaid base

Customer churn is a huge challenge in the prepaid phone market. No contract mean...
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Trends driving changes in prepaid phone plans

Customer churn is a massive challenge for providers of mobile phone plans, and p...
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Consumer debt collection: the latest trends influencing companies

Asking customers to pay overdue invoices is a routine task performed by all comp...
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Man drawing email icon on virtual screen.  Contact information concept

Payment reminders by email or letter: Which is better?

Did you know that 20% of European companies blame customers who pay late or not ...
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Automated voice reminders vs. call centre agents: who wins?

Here’s a couple of interesting facts for you: 19% of customers pay late and 3% o...
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Think your digital sales are protected by PayPal?

PayPal’s Seller Protection doesn’t cover digital goods. Surprised? You’re not al...
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Do you know these types of payment fraud?

Confused by the astonishing variety of payment fraud? It's not surprising. It se...
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Top 12 Countries Exposed to Chargeback Fraud

The temptation of international e-commerce. It’s irresistible to online merchant...
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You've come to the right place. In September 2020, Alphacomm Solutions rebranded to Mi-Pay.
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