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Payment & Fraud Consultancy

— For digital transactions —

Mi-Pay’s Payment and Fraud Consultancy is geared towards businesses operating in high-risk categories. By thoroughly analysing your historical data, we’re able to help you secure your checkout process, eliminate fraud risk and provide recommendations on the implementation of payment methods that boost conversion.

Benefits of Mi-Pay Payment & Fraud Consultancy

  • Proven fraud protection
  • Chargeback recovery
  • Actionable Insights
  • Data-based Approach

Payment & Fraud Consultancy is available for

Online Payments

Payment Fraud

Online Payments

Is your checkout process hurting your conversion rates? Is there something preventing your customers from completing the checkout process? Most businesses aren’t fully aware of the conversion killers on their websites.

By analysing your landing pages, content, customer demographics and diving deep into your customer’s behavioural patterns, we’re able to provide you with actionable insights that help you improve customer experience, increase customer lifetime value and maximize profit.

Payment Fraud

Whether friendly or malicious, fraud risk affects all businesses. Sadly, many of the popular anti-fraud measures businesses employ, like 3DS2, also negatively impact customer experience and hurt profit.

Through decades of experience in securing payments and combating fraud, we have developed the most effective fraud risk mitigation approach in the business. An approach that keeps your customers happy and boosts conversions. We’re highly specialized in helping businesses prevent fraudulent transactions when selling digital goods and are able to provide 100% guarantees.