Three partners with Mi-Pay and Amazon’s Alexa for world first to offer new Prepay top-up solution

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Three partners with Mi-Pay and Amazon’s Alexa for world first to offer new Prepay top-up solution

“Alexa, ask My3 to top me up”

Thursday, 17th September: Three Ireland has announced a partnership with Mi-Pay and Amazon’s Alexa to offer Three customers an exciting new top-up experience, the world’s first voice-assisted top-up service. This innovative new top-up method is quick, secure and easy, allowing customers to top up any Prepay account from home by simply saying “Alexa, ask My3 to top me up”.


Three customers, already registered with their debit or credit card for top-up on My3, can now setup/enable this new service via their Amazon account through the Alexa Skills marketplace. Once the customer’s My3 account is verified as part of the setup, Alexa will be able to top up their My3 prepay mobile number when prompted.


Three Prepay customers can then top up their phone in easy steps:

  1. “Alexa, ask My3 to top me up”.
  2. When prompted, confirm the amount to top up “Top me up €20”.
  3. Select “default card” or for example “card ending 1234” when asked by Alexa to confirm the card to use.
  4. Alexa will provide an overview of the top up and ask for confirmation to proceed before then confirming that top-up was successful.


To get a full step-by-step guide of the service, Three has created a helpful video:

Or visit to find out more.


Neasa Parker, Director of Consumer for Three Ireland commented, We are delighted to partner with Mi-Pay and Amazon’s Alexa to bring a new way of topping-up to our Prepay customers. At Three, we understand the importance of staying connected and introducing innovative methods to our customers This top-up service is a world first, something we are very proud to introduce in Ireland. In recent months, many people have adapted to new ways of living and have increasingly relied on technology to stay connected to those that matter most, and we wanted to bring a safe and simple way for our customers to top up, all from the comfort of their own homes.”


The new innovative top-up has been made possible by Three’s collaboration with Mi-Pay, Europe’s leading provider of secure payments. Commenting, Shane McCarthy, Account Director at Mi-Pay said, “We’re proud to work alongside Three on the launch of voice-activated top-up for Three’s Prepay customers. Innovative solutions like Three’s Alexa top-up service are important in ensuring customers can stay connected without barriers. Three’s Prepay customers will be the first in the world to top up their mobile phone without lifting a finger, by simply using their own voice.”


Three is also offering existing and new customers 50% off across selected bill pay, broadband and business plans, for the remainder of 2020 in an effort to ease the burden of post-lockdown life. The closing date to register for the offer is 30th September 2020 with customers advised to sign up now to avail of savings.