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Secure Payments

— For a fraud-less world —

Mi-Pay’s consultancy and Secure Payment tools guarantee a 100% payment for businesses operating in high-risk categories. Your customers can pay with every payment method. They will feel comfortable knowing that their payments are secure. For you, it’s easy to integrate our payment gateway via API or a webshop plugin. In addition, our platform provides valuable customer insights.

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Benefits of Mi-Pay's Secure Payments

  • Proven fraud protection
  • Chargeback recovery
  • Easy integration
  • Advanced reporting

Secure payments are available for

Payment Gateway

Anti-fraud API

Payment Gateway

Support all payment methods and have 0 fraud risk for your high-risk digital goods. Integrate our payment gateway easily via various methods including API or webshop plugin.

Anti-fraud API

Our Fraud API is a solution that mitigates the risk of missed profit due to fraudulent transactions when selling digital goods. The Fraud API solution includes a management reporting portal with actionable insights.

Gain more insight into the benefits of secure payments

How you can eliminate online payment fraud


  • What the current landscape of payment fraud looks like.
  • Which cross-border and digital-goods transactions are at most risk.
  • How you can combat online fraud through fraud protection, fraud detection, fraud prevention and fraud elimination.

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