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Dunning Consultancy

— For ambitious enterprises  —

Mi-Pay is experienced in helping large businesses create effective reminder strategies, simplifying dunning processes as well as assisting with the procurement and deployment of the latest credit management tools. Our customers get paid faster, at lower costs, without harming customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Mi-Pay Dunning Consultancy

  • Lower DSO
  • Faster payments
  • down-2
    Reduced churn
  • Advanced Analytics

Dunning Consultancy is available for



Lower DSO

Will it arrive? Will it be read? Is the customer even trying to pay? Sadly, the answer to these questions usually ‘no idea’. Many businesses are sitting on a vast amount of valuable data, yet are unable to convert the information into actionable intelligence.

Our consultants will comb through your data and identify ways to optimize your debt collection process through the implementation of digital automation. Digital payment reminders provide valuable real-time insight into debtor behaviour and shorten the collection process by up to 5 days.

Reduced Churn

How do you approach a customer in arrears? Do you stick to a tried-and-true method? Or go for a personalized approach that takes into account past behaviour, loyalty and demographics?

Most debtors are willing to pay but are not always able to do so. Their reasons may vary greatly as well; from personal error, unemployment and divorce to the death of a partner or a total misunderstanding, as a consequence of low literacy.

With our experience and your customer data, we can analyse and optimize the process and send the right message to the right person at the right time. This improves customer satisfaction and reduces churn.

Advanced Analytics

What if you had a framework for A/B testing and analysis on the right KPI’s, so you have a solid basis for continuous improvements? How about a sparring partner experienced in the development and implementation of custom dashboards for detailed insights? Have you ever considered predictive modelling to forecast payment behaviour of your customers?

With our independent team of analytics experts we provide one-off strategic consulting based on data analysis. Hire our consultants to perform as (part of) your analytics team.


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