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Dunning Consultancy

— For ambitious enterprises  —

Mi-Pay is experienced in helping large businesses create effective reminder strategies, simplifying dunning processes as well as assisting with the procurement and deployment of the latest credit management tools. Our customers get paid faster, at lower costs, without harming customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Mi-Pay Dunning Consultancy

  • Lower DSO
  • Faster payments
  • down-2
    Reduced churn
  • Advanced Analytics

Dunning Consultancy is available for



Lower DSO

Why wait for the next reminder cycle? Improve your results with  real-time insights into debtor behaviour.

Bounced or unopened emails? Being aware of these events enables you to send reminders through other means. The same applies to voice messages and SMS. Is the phone number disconnected? No alternative number available? Use an automated enrichment process to look for another. What if debtors tried to pay but have insufficient funds? You could provide them with a delayed payment proposal or an instalment.

We’ll advise you on the best use of technology and provide you with a winning strategy that is guaranteed lower your DSO.

Reduced Churn

Most debtors are willing to pay but are not always able to do so. Their reasons may vary greatly as well; from personal error, unemployment and divorce to the death of a partner, or a total misunderstanding, as a consequence of low literacy.

It is not about sending, but getting the message! Inform debtors about their situation and provide them with options. Apply marketing techniques and behavioural science in your messages to get the debtor to take action.

Let debtors put together the most suitable arrangement, but according to your business rules. Your debtors will love you for it and reward you with their loyalty and customer satisfaction!

Advanced Analytics

Ready to take the next step in debt collection?

How about varying your messaging depending on age, gender, payment behaviour or customer lifetime? What if you had a framework for A/B testing and analysis on the right KPI’s that could allow you to make continuous improvements? How about predictive modelling, or a sparring partner experienced in the development and implementation of custom dashboards for detailed insights?

We provide strategic consulting based on data analysis. Hire our consultants to perform as (part of) your analytics team.