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Our solutions

Mi-Pay offers top-notch consultancy as well as high-end technological tools in 3 major fields of Reloads, Secure Payments and Payment Reminders. Find out how you can maximize your profit by giving your customers the best possible user experience.


Have the best online top-ups and benefit from the latest tools and strategies to increase ARPU.

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Secure Payments

Support all payment methods without worrying about fraudulent payments or chargebacks again.

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Payment Reminders

Settle unpaid bills faster and easier, at much lower costs with digitalization in credit management.

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The Mi-Pay difference

  • We are in it together

    We only make a deal if we know we can absolutely help you the right way. No gain for you is no gain for us.

  • We maximize your profit

    We help you maximize your profit with the best strategy and the latest technological tools in the industry.

  • Experienced & Trusted

    Our knowledge is based on more than 20 years of experience and is trusted by the world’s leading brands.