Mi-Pay’s security led partnership with NIU Solutions delivers IBM global award

  • Oct 07, 2016
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Mi-Pay’s security led partnership with NIU Solutions delivers IBM global award


One of the highlights of the year for NIU Solutions was their nomination as a finalist for the IBM Beacon Award for ‘Outstanding Solution Hosted on IBM Cloud’. This is an award that exhibits their successful IBM Cloud infrastructure as a service capability.

This annual event is held to recognize IBM Business Partners who have delivered outstanding solutions which drive innovation and support their clients’ operations. NIU Solutions was among the shortlisted companies in recognition of its PCI-compliant hybrid cloud solution incorporating IBM Soft layer, which is based on their innovative pod architecture design.

It was the IBM Soft layer that they used to deliver a highly resilient solution for Mi-Pay (the digital e-commerce payments and security services specialist) which secured them this achievement. A hybrid solution with comprehensive data replication between UK and Asia, the solution supports Mi-Pay’s international growth plans by providing robust data governance and high levels of PCI compliance an essential for supporting mobile payments in highly regulated environments.

Allen Atwell, Chief Technology Officer Of Mi-Pay said: “Hybrid cloud allowed us to do a lot more with the same budget and actually I was able to reduce the operational cost by offloading that to the manage service providers which gives us increased ability to address new research and development. 

“Many of our customers are large telecom operators who insist on having a full disaster recovery scenario and working with the new solutions. As a service provider, using the Hybrid cloud, we are now able to provide a Hot DR or full disaster recovery scenario both in Europe and Asia at the same time as providing a more robust and secure infrastructure.”

 “Mi-Pay enables our clients to transform their customers’ purchasing journey moving them from legacy call-centre & paper based customer relationship channels to digital, using our knowledge, experience and proven solutions to improve the overall customer buying experience by delivering more choice and flexibility in a simple and secure way. “

Mi-Pay drives new revenue growth through our ability to improve the customer experience, enhance their return rates and drive increase expenditure. We do this through our extensive digital channel capabilities (including websites, mobile applications and social media applications), the provision the latest digitally centric payment methods including traditional bank and card payment, the best one click on-device mobile wallets and next generation faster bank app payments and our ability to run customer retention strategies and analysis. Mi-Pay integrates and operates its services and solutions on a white labelled global basis. For further information, please visit or contact details as shown above.

Founded in 2003, the Mi-Pay Group stands on four key pillars that worked together to deliver a seamless customer experience in a simple way:

The agility to simplify and integrate the complex digital technologies of today and tomorrow

A complete payment and cyber security solution, fully PCI compliant – we take the risk.

Simplifying and delivering the most relevant digital payments

Knowledge and experience of how to build, deliver, develop and future proof our client’s digital transformation strategies.

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About Mi-Pay Group

Founded in 2003, Mi-Pay Group delivers fully outsourced online and related payment solutions to digital ecommerce clients, primarily in the mobile sector. Its product offering provides the infrastructure to enable pre-paid mobile devices to be topped up via a variety of channels such as websites; mobile applications and social media applications and customers include Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MNVOs). Mi-Pay sells, integrates and operates its products and solutions on a global basis. For further information, please visit or contact details as shown above.