Sure Diego Garcia introduces online payments through Mi-Pay

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Sure Diego Garcia introduces online payments through Mi-Pay

Telecommunication company Sure, is now able to accept online payments from island residents. The breakthrough is made possible thanks to a collaboration with payments specialist Mi-Pay.

For residents of Diego Garcia, paying their internet and phone bills has long been a physical affair. Especially during a pandemic, when the rest of the world has been able to switch from offline to online, Diego Garcia’s residents simply had no option but to pay with cash.

Sure had been trying to implement online payments for a long while but given the remote location and the small population of Diego Garcia it had not proved possible to find a solution.

A more efficient billing process

The introduction of online payments on the remote island of Diego Garcia was made possible by the reimagining of Mi-Pay’s payment reminders solution. Instead of sending out reminders when payments are overdue, Sure now uses the underlying technology of Mi-Pay’s payment reminders platform to send out the initial invoices digitally, along with payment links, through which customers can easily make online payments.

“Given the various constraints on the island, we had to get a little creative. In the end, we converted our payment reminders platform into a proactive payment platform” says Shane McCarthy of Mi-Pay.
The result is that Sure Diego Garcia customers can now pay their invoices online, from the comfort and safety of their own accommodation.

Mark Heron, Chief Executive at Sure Diego Garcia: “When we set out to find a partner to help us resolve the payment problem, we reached out to Mi-Pay. We’re very pleased with the result. Our billing process is now more efficient and our customers can pay their bills remotely, without any risk to their personal safety.”

Sure Diego Garcia and Mi-Pay

Sure Diego Garcia provides international telephone services, broadband internet and mobile services to island residents as well as maritime customers, businesses and government entities. Sure is a member of the Batelco Group. The Sure Group Headquarters is in Guernsey in the British Channel Islands.

Mi-Pay offers best-in-class payment solutions and consultancy services trusted by market leaders. Mi-Pay services include payment reminders, fraud protection tools for online transactions and custom prepaid top-up platforms. From its offices in London and Rotterdam, Mi-Pay has built a proven track record that spans decades and multiple geographies.