Revenue specialist Alphacomm Solutions rebrands to Mi-Pay


Revenue specialist Alphacomm Solutions rebrands to Mi-Pay

ROTTERDAM,  3 September 2020 – Alphacomm Solutions rebrands to Mi-Pay following integration with the London-based top-up and digital fraud specialist. As of September 2020, Alphacomm Solutions will be known as Mi-Pay Europe, alongside Mi-Pay United Kingdom.

Alphacomm Solutions to continue as Mi-Pay Europe

The joining of forces not only unites expertise across the English Channel, it also expands the wider geographical footprint of the companies by creating a large pan-European payments group with clients around the world.

Chris Baars, Chief Commercial Officer at Alphacomm Solutions has been overseeing the rebranding: “Mi-Pay and Alphacomm Solutions have long been recognized as leaders in boosting online revenue. Going forward, we’ll be in a stronger position and closer to realizing our shared goal of becoming the world’s dominant revenue-generating platform by 2025.”

Henceforth, Alphacomm Solutions will continue as Mi-Pay Europe whereas Mi-Pay will be rebranded as Mi-Pay United Kingdom. “For our existing customers, all services will continue without issue. All contracts and legal entities will remain unchanged as well.”

The new Mi-Pay

Once the rebranding is complete, the new Mi-Pay will continue to provide innovative services that help businesses become more profitable both in the United Kingdom and in mainland Europe. These industry-leading services include fraud protection for online transactions, digital payment reminders, credit management tools as well as customer-friendly top-up platforms. Mi-Pay United Kingdom will expand its offering to include payment reminders & consultancy services. Both companies will offer the same services and share the same website.

About Alphacomm Solutions

Alphacomm Solutions offers best-in-class payment solutions and consultancy services trusted by market leaders. As one of the leading payment services providers in the world, Alphacomm Solutions has a track record that spans decades and multiple geographies. Alphacomm Solutions is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

About Mi-Pay

Mi-Pay focuses on providing simple solutions to complex challenges by following a personal and supportive approach that creates better experiences, better processes and better results. Mi-Pay is experienced in removing frictions in the payment process, freeing its customers from fraud risks, as well as providing bespoke payment processing operations, especially for mobile top-up and international calling cards. Mi-Pay is headquartered in London.

Current Mi-Pay and Alphacomm Solutions customers

If you are a current Mi-Pay or Alphacomm Solutions customer and have any questions regarding the rebranding, please get in touch with us via the contact form.