Mi-Pay & T-Mobile Netherlands team up to launch Tikkie top-up


Mi-Pay & T-Mobile Netherlands team up to launch Tikkie top-up

Mi-Pay and T-Mobile Netherlands team up to offer users access to Tikkie as a payment method for prepaid top-up. The popular Dutch payment method improves conversion rates by offering customers greater flexibility at checkout. T-Mobile is the first telco in the Netherlands to offer Tikkie for top-ups.

“Send me a Tikkie!”

When it comes to mobile top-up, the person using the credit isn’t always the one paying for it. Whether it’s children without a bank account or small businesses that rely on prepaid phones for their employees. Many prepaid users rely on a parent, partner or sponsor whenever their mobile credit runs out. 

Tikkie is a peer to peer payment app that simplifies this process by enabling users to request payments from third parties. It’s commonly used to split bills after a night out or as a means to reimburse a friend for a payment.  

T-Mobile now offers Tikkie top-up

T-Mobile Netherlands is the first company to adopt Tikkie in their checkout process. “We’re proud to have T-Mobile Netherlands on board as the first partner to introduce Tikkie as a payment method” says Chris Baars, Chief Commercial Officer at Mi-Pay. “By launching Tikkie on their prepaid platform, T-Mobile Netherlands is enabling its users to top up their credit with one of the most popular payment methods in the country.” 

Payment made easy

The highly popular payment method is perfect for families with young children. When kids run out of prepaid credit, they can initiate the order themselves and have their parents finalize the payment by easily forwarding a payment link, referred to as a ‘Tikkie.’ 

Tikkie’s use cases don’t end there.  Small businesses that rely on prepaid phones can now have their employees send a Tikkie to the manager whenever new prepaid credit is needed. This greatly simplifies their business administration as well.

Always a path towards conversion

Chris Baars: “With Tikkie as a payment method, our e-commerce partners in the Netherlands are able to offer their customers a more complete checkout experience in which there is always a path towards conversion. We empower our partners to focus on their products, while we maximize their profits.” 

T-Mobile Netherlands & Mi-Pay

T-Mobile offers customers in the Netherlands access to mobile telecommunications services in a simple and attractive way. With close to six million customers, T-Mobile Netherlands is among the largest mobile phone companies in the nation. T-Mobile Netherlands is owned by Deutsche Telekom and Tele2. 

Mi-Pay is a leading consultant and provider of top-up solutions in Europe, with offices in Rotterdam and London. By launching Tikkie as a payment method for mobile top-up, Mi-Pay is making it easier for businesses like T-Mobile Netherlands to improve their conversion rates and boost their profits.


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