DirectPay enlists Mi-Pay to digitalize payment journey


DirectPay enlists Mi-Pay to digitalize payment journey

DirectPay and Mi-Pay partner up to provide customer friendly digital payment journeys to consumers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

ROTTERDAM, 27 May 2021 – In a push to accelerate the digital transformation of its debt collection strategy, DirectPay has entered into a collaboration with Mi-Pay. Among the first fruits of the partnership are DirectPay’s integration of Voice and SMS Payment Reminders services provided by Mi-Pay. Moreover, debtors contacted by DirectPay are now able to opt for a payment arrangement via a selection menu. A self-service feature that increases the use of the available online payment and customer service options that DirectPay already had in place.

Improving cost-efficiency and efficacy

The average customer debt amounts to a few hundred euros. If DirectPay would involve employees at every stage of the collection process, the collection would cost almost as much money as the debt itself. It was important for DirectPay to improve both the cost-efficiency and efficacy of its collection strategy, without harming customer satisfaction. By implementing Mi-Pay’s automated reminder tools, DirectPay is now able to further digitalize the payment journey for debtors and facilitate high quality self-service.

Roadmap to customer-centricity

From the outset, the partnership has focused on bringing additional business value to DirectPay and to the end-user. This has led to the creation of a very promising roadmap towards offering the best possible customer experience.

“DirectPay is a very forward-thinking tech firm, with highly digitalized processes and the capability to build and adopt cutting edge technologies” says Michael Martens, Vice President of Sales at Mi-Pay. “Mi-Pay’s role in this partnership is to help increase the speed with which DirectPay develops its digital strategy. We’re doing so by aligning DirectPay’s technologies to the services on our platform in a way that best provides additional value.”

Digital communication channels

Thanks to the partnership with Mi-Pay, DirectPay has successfully integrated HD Voice and SMS reminders into its dunning process. In the coming months, DirectPay and Mi-Pay will continue to introduce new customer-centric digital communication channels as well as self-service options that empower debtors to take charge of their debts.

Jochem Visser, manager of Credit Marketing at DirectPay, is very positive about the new partnership. “In a relatively short time span, we’ve been able to both expand and improve our debt collection approach in ways that help us reach debtors more effectively and improve conversions. At the same time, it brings us closer to offering the best possible customer experience for debtors.”

About DirectPay and Mi-Pay

DirectPay is a full-service credit management agency that seeks to both continuously improve its services as well as to collect receivables in a socially responsible manner. DirectPay specialises in the cost-efficient administration and management of debtor risks. It assists a large number of companies throughout the entire process from order to cash and offers maximum security on accounts receivable portfolios.

Mi-Pay offers best-in-class payment solutions and consultancy services trusted by market leaders. Mi-Pay services include payment reminders, fraud protection tools for online transactions and custom prepaid top-up platforms. From its offices in London and Rotterdam, Mi-Pay has built a proven track record that spans decades and multiple geographies.


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