Why The Productivity Company trusts Mi-Pay


Why The Productivity Company trusts Mi-Pay

Tom Lindsen, the CEO of the Productivity Company, was quick to realise that a country’s payment landscape is almost as unique as its geographical landscape.

The Productivity Company, based in the Netherlands, delivers online learning to individuals all over the world. By taking a self-paced online course, learners can boost their personal productivity and have their efforts recognised with a certificate.
Since the Productivity Company is part of The Lean Six Sigma Company group of international companies, it also awards Lean Six Sigma certification with selected courses.
The Productivity Company aims to make its course catalogue as accessible as possible. To that end, all its training courses are offered through a webshop. Aspiring students simply add their preferred course to the online shopping cart, fill out a few contact details, and then pay at checkout.

The challenge: how to let international customers pay in their own currency

Demand for this innovative product was clearly there. Nevertheless, The Productivity Company was facing a major sales challenge: enabling shoppers all over the world to pay for the courses in their local currency and via their preferred payment method.
As an international start-up, The Productivity Company was missing out on sales because it could only accept payments in Euros and offered a very limited range of payment methods. As a result, shopping carts were being abandoned at a disappointing rate.
It became clear that in order to prevent losing potential customers, the company would need to install an online payment solution that handles a wide range of foreign currencies as well as local, regional and international payment methods, including global e-wallets and credit cards.

The solution: a customised, scalable, multi-currency e-payment platform

Three overriding factors convinced Tom Lindsen and his team that Mi-Pay was the right partner.
Firstly, Mi-Pay’s payment solution has been specifically designed for the digital goods industry. Also, the payment solution could be easily integrated within The Productivity Company’s existing website. Another important factor in the decision-making process is the fact that Mi-Pay’s payments solution is future-proof. In an age when new payment methods are cropping up almost every week, the company didn’t want to find itself unable to accept the latest payment methods a year or two down the road.

“We were facing a tough challenge, but Mi-Pay offered us a tailor-made solution that exceeded expectations by thinking ahead and taking our needs into account.”

Several other features stood out for Tom Lindsen: “We really liked Mi-Pay’s online reporting tool, which gives us real-time insight into all the payments we receive from around the world. We were also impressed with their proactive, ‘no-obstacle is too big’ attitude.”
“We were facing a tough challenge, but Mi-Pay offered us a tailor-made solution that exceeded expectations by thinking ahead and taking our needs into account.”

The outcome: increased sales conversions and more payment control

Mi-Pay’s customised payment platform was installed after conducting a thorough needs analysis. The analysis led to the development of a plugin for WooCommerce (online ecommerce platform) that ensured easy integration with the existing website.
Thanks to the online reporting tool, the management team is given a full picture and complete control of the company’s processed payments.
“We’re now accepting payments in all currencies around the world,” says Tom.
“We’re working hard to provide the most relevant payment methods for everyone, from PayPal in the USA and Amazon Pay in France to Alipay in China. Because our payment platform can be scaled up to any volume and has no limits, we don’t have to worry about changing it or adding to it. How’s that for productivity?”

The Productivity Company is ready for the future, with limitless payments and the right payment methods needed for global expansion. Another Mi-Pay success story.


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