Here’s to 2019! A message from Alphacomm Solutions


Here’s to 2019! A message from Alphacomm Solutions

2018 has been a great year for FinTech. Never before has the industry been so rife with opportunities. Consumers are going digital at a mind-bending pace. With so many advancements being made in AI and an increasing abundance of APIs, we can’t pretend we’re not totally excited for what’s to come. Besides, why would we?

Another year, another win for the consumer

In recent times, making payments has increasingly become easier for the consumer. But make no mistake about it, the quick and seamless omnichannel experiences of today are the result of unrelenting hard work and unwavering commitment by visionaries and developers in the FinTech industry.

Automated personalised payment reminders via chatbots and mobile phone credit top-ups via WhatsApp are just the tip of the iceberg. Completing online payments via mobile phone is fast becoming the new normal and mobiles are steadily becoming the preferred online banking platform as well.

In 2019, the payment experience will continue to evolve as banks make contact-less technology more seamless and user identification in third-party apps becomes more secure. In the coming year, we will also see a further integration of payment methods within existing apps as well as IOT devices, spurred on by the increasing availability and complexity of APIs.

Mo’ FinTech, Mo’ Problems?

No matter how advanced the tech becomes, there’s always a dark side. There’s a correlation between easier experiences for consumers and the complexity of tech. Also, the more complex technology becomes, the smarter fraudsters become. Will there be more challenges in 2019? Sure, definitely! But how about more solutions?

Better solutions equal fewer problems. We’re called Alphacomm Solutions for a reason and we’ll be there in 2019, tackling all issues as they arise, supporting our partners in every way and securing payments for our clients. Why? Because we simply hate missed revenue!

A rising tide lifts all boats

To you, our friends, partners, colleagues and fans, we raise our glass. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. With that in mind, in 2019, let us rise together. We’d like to wish you a happy, productive and highly innovative new year.

Champagne wishes and FinTech dreams from the entire team at Alphacomm Solutions!



Chris Baars is CCO of Alphacomm

Chris Baars
Chief Commercial Officer