we make payments simple

We free you from fraud risk. We take away the friction when you are being paid. We remove limits on when, where and how your customers can pay you.

We manage all this complexity for you. We are secure. We make payments simple


You are indemnified in all reasonable cases, so you are guaranteed payment for all the transactions we process successfully – no losses, no disputes. We manage all the fraud risks on transactions. And we only charge for successful transactions, so we make sure as many payments as possible are approved.

We are certified at the highest possible level (Level 1 PCI:DSS) so you know that your customers are safe with us


We take away friction and cost from your business. We provide a full 24/7/365 service and directly handle all commercial and technical parts of the payments.

We also take away friction from your customers. We make it easy for them to pay and we can accept a higher proportion of payment attempts than the industry norm. So your customers can spend more time on what matters to them and are likely to bring your more revenue and loyalty


We can let your customers pay whenever, wherever and however you and they choose, such as local or international credit or debit cards, prepaid cards, direct debit, PayPal™ or real-time bank transfer. We can do this in lots of ways: online, SMS or IVR, and on a smartphone, tablet, PC or other device.

We remove the constraints that payment processes can put on your customers. We turn a limit into a competitive advantage for you

For over 10 years,

Mi-Pay has managed

multiple millions

of topup transactions safely

and securely and globally